FT STAR Premium

FT STAR Premium
3D Wheel Alignment

FT STAR Premium

Product Specifications

  • Drive-on Camera
  • Intelligent Voice-over system
  • Equipped with 32"LED
  • Self-guided LED support 
  • Compensation, the basic parameters can be done in less than 2 minutes.
  • Compatible with Alignment Pit / lifts
  • Golden eyes
  • High definition camera: 
  • Self-guided LED support 
  •  3D tech rectification
  • Reference display for the four wheels
  • Guidance display for the rear/front wheels
  •  Structural measurements: 
  •  Display of the camber/toe of the four wheels
  • Four-point Wheel Clamps
  • High-precision Target Disk
  • Toe/Camber Measurement
  • Imported Precision Camera
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Four Wheels Reference Display

Front/Rear Wheel Reference Display

Voice Over System

Caster / S.A.I Measurement